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Friday, January 09, 2015
I'm officially 26 yesterday.

Unbelievable. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that I have live for 26 years. I'm still breathing in this planet earth. I have finished my schooling years. I am now working as an engineer. I'm pretty much single but surprisingly I'm very much happy with my life now.

At the age of 26, the thoughts that runs through my mind is how blessed i am to live in this world. I may not have everything that you have (nor do you have everything that i have) but I am very much grateful to have all the people that is dear to me in my life.

My family and extended family means the world to me. & my friends are my family. In other words, my friends means the world to me too. Hehehe. To have all of you around me, makes me feel so happy. Terasa sangat disayangi. :)

This year, i had 2 early birthday celebration. One from Ramli Johan's clans, another from my girls. Had lunch birthday treat from my partner, family birthday dinner accompany by 2 of my girls, birthday breakfast treat by my senpai and warm wishes from my friends. Looking forward for brunch birthday date with my Sri Aman darlings this weekend. :)

I do not need birthday presents to be happy. Just my beloved people's presence is enough nowadays. Ahh, I'm pretty much easy to please eh?

Anyway, we all should learn to be happy with simple things. Make do with what we have. Learn to be grateful. & at the same time, keep moving forward to achieve whatever we're looking for, ok?

On the other note, my first week of working for 2015 is exhausting. Haha. 3 days of super productive day, another 2 of take it easy days. Traffic was super bad this week: 2 and a half hours of traffic on Wednesday, 3 hours on Thursday. That really took a toll on me somehow. Today, i feel pretty much exhausted, i can barely open up my eyes. Hoping the traffic would be better next week, but i kind of think it's gonna be bad as well. Considering schools start new session next week. Oh well, we should hope for the best!

So how's your first week of 2015?

lots of love,

Posted at 10:18 pm by jmunawwarah

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