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Sunday, January 11, 2015
The talk with Ma
Macam kebiasaan hari Ahad malam, I would be downstairs, in front of the TV with mama, helping out to fold up all the clothes while she would be busy ironing. As much as the TV is on, we would talk and share stories and sometimes gossiping as well. Cerita kitorang biasa je selalunya. Apa jadi the whole week, any news / good information yang dia nak cerita... random lah sebenarnya topik perbincangan kitorang ni.

Aku terpanggil nak share topik untuk hari ni. Topik ni topik berbangkit yang secara jujurnya, aku malas nak cerita. Tapi let's focus on the main point for this post okay.

& so the story begins:

Semalam mama pergi kenduri anak kawan dia. Whereby kat sana she met her two sisters (my aunts). My aunt tanyalah mama, "So when can we rasa your kenduri pulak, Yah?" Imagining my mom tersengih sambil jawab "Well, that you have to ask my children lah."

My aunt then sort of suggested, "Perhaps, I can try and look for suitable Engineer candidate in my office for her." Do you know what my mom say?

"Find a handsome one but not too handsome."

Memang terus tergelaklah aku bila dengar mama cakap macam tu. But I have to agree lah. As much as, tak de la aku cari orang se-handsome Stephen Amell (you can google him, if you don't know him).... a good looking person memanglah semua orang nak kot. But tak perlu handsome gilalah kot. Yang sedap mata aku and mama memandang is enough. Ahahaha.

& aku cakap jugaklah mama... "Someone older please? I cannot younger people as i would tend to brozone and act sister-like with them."

& mama agreed, "Tapi not so old jugak." According to mom's standard, this person should not be more than 5 years my senior. I agree with that standard as well.

Kalau dulu, aku tak suka bila orang nak kenen-kenenkan aku dengan orang yang aku tak kenal / tak suka. Not to say that I'm okay with that now. I don't mind meeting people in general. But don't ever force me to marry lah. Sekadar jumpa and lepak, okay je kot. Makes new friends, i would say (if things doesn't happen).

Okay... that's not the real point actually.

The real point is this, LAW OF ATTRACTION. Mama ceritalah yang masa dia pergi training, this trainer cerita pasal her experience getting a husband through this law of attraction method. How? Simply by just jotting down the criteria that she wants in the husband, and think about it every day. Because her thoughts dah fokus ke arah apa yang dia nak, secara tak langsung, she's attracting orang yang ada this criteria. & dia dapat apa yang dia nak. A husband with her criteria and got married by the age of 26 (part of her goal).

I don't know how to explain it well. But i understand the concept. It's the same thing macam bila kita set goal on apa yang kita nak. Contoh, macam masa SPM dulu aku target 10As. So i jotted down the goal and tampal belakang pintu. Every single day before i went out of my room untuk pergi sekolah, aku akan baca the goal. Sampai this goal dah lekat kat otak. Secara tak langsung, bila adanya this goal dalam otak, my body starts to move towards the goal. I studied. I paid attention in class and etc. & in the end, I did managed to get 10As for my SPM.

The same thing jugak with my career. When i was in first year, i dreamed of working in offshore the first few years of starting my career. & if i'm not mistaken i did dreamed of becoming a drilling engineer back then too. After my internship, i changed my mind. I wanted to be a Production Technologist instead. But I didn't think of PTech as hard as i dreamed for Drilling Engineer., i guess & now, i am able to work offshore and i am in drilling. To be honest, i only realized and remembered my dreams a few months after i started working.

It's all about mindset sebenarnya. It's all about getting through your subconscious mind. If you believe that you can do it, then you can do it.

Faham tak point aku sebenarnya?

Okay, berbalik kepada topik perbincangan dengan mama tadi. Mama cakap, "So now, you try to think what kind of person you want to meet, under what kind of circumstances you want to meet this person and etc. & try to think about it everyday. Mungkin nanti, dibukakan jalan for you to meet this person."

Okay ma. I'll try. Since i do think that this law of attraction did work for me when i wanted to achieved my goals. So why can't i used it for this purpose as well kan? It's part of the efforts selain berdoa. Hahaha.

Do you think I'm desperate? To be honest, I don't think so. I'm okay so far. Cuma obviously you don't want to end up alone in the end kan. So yeah... Sigh.

Penatlah topik ni. I can see that my parents macam dah worry for me and my bro. Ohwell. Chill okay. Things will happen naturally. Never too late nor too early. & definitely with the right person. That much i believe. So chill okay?

Aku harap orang faham point aku sebenarnya. It's hard to explain things that you cannot see but need to believe. Later then!

lots of love,

Posted at 09:32 pm by jmunawwarah

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