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Saturday, April 11, 2015
Comfort Zone
Comfort zone.

Free Dictionary defined comfort zone as a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable or in control. Couldn't agree more. Personally, i believe we have quite a number of comfort zone. The permanent being our family, our home. The semi-almost permanent could be our close/best friends. The others could be the office you're currently in, the people in your team, the people you usually hang out with, the job you're comfortable with and the list could go on and on.

Getting out of the comfort zone could prove to be hard enough. The first step is usually hard, for me. Having changes in the comfort zone disturb the balance that you have. It worries you, make you feel sad and if this changes is something that is significant to you... it could makes you feel stress out a bit. But changes are good though. We couldn't deny that. But having said that, if I am given the chance to make things stay as it is, I would love to do that as well. Haha.

This comfort zone that we have now, was not there previously. It is because we stepped out from the current comfort zone and took some risks / opportunities that this new comfort zone exists. & once you get all comfortable, i guess it is time for us to take new risk and create a new one. The cycle repeats every time.

Comfort zone: Office

My section team is my comfort zone while in the office. Having all members present in the office makes me feel calm. But this week, most of them were not in. With boss on vacation, engineer #3 on training and AU-3 team being busy (therefore most of the time not present at our area)... there was only me there. To be honest, as much as the place is my comfort zone, without the team members it is just a zone with no comfort. But I survived lah obviously. Haha. I was only bored.

When i just got into the department, this section team was a strange place for me. I do not know how to get involved, i find it hard to connect with the team. & Everyone is always doing their own thing. Our boss (the boss before the current) can be quite nice but pretty strict. So it's quite hard to be really comfortable with him. The engineers were usually busy and I am usually left wondering what I'm supposed to do. It was only when we were assigned to a specific project that I feel that I am involved with the team. But still, I couldn't feel that comfort zone yet. Every single time we almost create the zone, something just tend to change. For example, Engineer #1 moved to different team, Engineer #2 got transferred oversea and the boss resigned.

March last year, I was assigned to new project with Engineer #3. In June / July, we had new temporary manager. In October, we finally had new permanent manager. Changes after changes.

It is a struggle to create that comfort zone that I craved for, but I believe I managed to create that zone finally. A small comfort zone created with Engineer #3 (a struggle if you must know) which then lead to a big zone with the whole section team. It feels like a great success, you know. Hahaha. Like finally~!

But now when things get too comfortable and i get too attached to my team (especially my core team) already. Guess what, changes is coming soon. & i don't like it. T___T. As much as I foresee this already, but being the "attached" Eira... sigh, I don't feel that I'm ready for this changes yet. But like it or not, ready or not... it is bound to happen.

What's gonna happen soon? Well, Engineer #3 is going to be transferred oversea very soon. We heard this earlier of the year already but it was only confirmed yesterday. It is expected that this core team will part once the project is over. But expecting and having to go through it is a different thing eh? Perhaps it was just me. I'm just too comfortable and also too attached. My bad. Sigh.

Secondly, I might be leaving the section team too, after The Exam. Sometime June, I think. But I can hardly predict what I'll be doing or where I'll be going after The Exam. It will be depending on my results and management decision as well. Oh well.

Thirdly, I'm not sure what's the plan for the section team. Since once AU-3 is over, we don't have any project to drill. Will the members be dispersed? I'm not sure.

Eira, please take this changes positively. Changes are good and required for our growth. Take it one at a time though. It's okay to be sad. But rather on spending too much time being sad, why not cherish the moment?

I refused to say good bye. We will meet again soon, right? Thank you. & i wish you the very best. :)

lots of love,

Posted at 09:24 pm by jmunawwarah

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