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Wednesday, June 03, 2015
The Outcome
5 days after The Exam was done & the results are out today.

How's the exam?

It's doable to be honest. I wouldn't say it was easy peasy. Pretty tricky if you don't read it carefully. With a super long paragraph for one question... you would tend to get nervous. Psycho orang skit kan.

Did I do well?

To be honest, I'm super duper scared for the morning paper. With 7 compulsory (1 skill level, 6 Knowledge Level) and 1 base key (Knowledge Level) subject in the morning... Failing one of the 7 compulsory would means failing The Exam. & knowing that there are a few questions with big marks that I didn't have the time to do it well.... don't we get super nervous about it.

For the afternoon paper, we have 11 subjects to cover ( 6 Knowledge Level, 5 Awareness Level).  I pretty much think I could answer most of it. Admittedly there are about 2-5 that got me stuck for a while but it doesn't worry me as much as the morning's paper.

Oh well. I did tried my very best. But it doesn't stop me from worrying. Is my best enough for me to pass?

The Outcome?

Praise to Allah Almighty for the rizq to achieved my personal target. I managed to pass with MERIT~! Yeay! \(^.^)/ Truly grateful for the results even though we have 6 gaps that are still open. It feels like half the burden of 2015 has been lifted off my shoulder. Now, we need to think about the other half... which is still unknown at the moment.

I'm hoping I could stay with Exploration Team. There are still lots to learn in Exploration and with it being very dynamic, I'm attracted to the challenges. Let me in, onegaishimasu! I wanna be an explorer!

Let's hope we get what we want. :)

The People who contributed to our success?

Without the Parents, we are nothing. Enuff said.

Without my Power Paff Girls - without our study group, we won't get this far. Thank You & Congrats GIRLS, WE DID IT!

Without my bestfriend, no one will patiently listen to my complains and still push me to work my ass off. & yes, thank you for sacrificing our "gossip" time for me to study. hahaha

Without Engineer #3, who would be my teacher? Thank you for willingly explain things to us when we don't know and get confused. & yes, for free coffee too. :)

Without Boss A who spend 3 hours of his day teaching Power Paff Girls, we most probably still makes things complicated. & for pushing us to aim high... Truly, we are very grateful.

Without Boss Y and Boss G who believe I can do it well when I doubt myself, thank you for trusting me.

& to whoever else involved directly and indirectly, thank you.

LOL, gaya macam menang award je nak kasi speech macam tu. But truly, I don't think I'll get this results without their encouragement. I am forever grateful.

Oh well. Enough said. We need to sleep now. Hehe.

May the future be awesome. Looking forward for the next challenges!

lots of love,

Posted at 10:40 pm by jmunawwarah

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